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Download Hadouken Photo Booth gratis untuk android, Unduh Hadouken Photo Booth

Download Hadouken Photo Booth adalah aplikasi populer di seluruh dunia untuk Telepon. Update versi : 1 terbaru dari aplikasi Hadouken Photo Booth keren untuk ponsel android, Download Hadouken Photo Booth Penuh Free untuk Telepon.

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Hey you! Bored? Check this out!

Want to throw energy balls or a Makankosappo energy spear at your friends like in Dragon Ball?
Sound like fun? Well…you can’t do that in real life but with this app you can take pictures that look like the real thing!
How does it work?
Download the app for free NOW 🙂
* Check out the cool icon and home screen
* Hit one of the blue tabs under the camera – “Take
Photo” or “Load Photo”
* Hit the arrow tab that looks like this V to pull the
edit tools up or down btw there is an option to
record your own message – cool huh?
* Use “Tools” to resize or move your photo to how you like it.
* To add Makankosappo elements hit “Frames”
then “Makankosappo” to get 6 free elements
*** Hot sale price of .99c***
* You can make elements bigger or smaller in your
* Add more people to your photo so it looks like
you’re KICKING it like a BOSS!!

*Add elements to scenes if you want a RAD fantasy
**Lots more updates to come which include**
– Exotic backgrounds for your poses
– Best pic monthly competitions with COOL prizes

**Tips for creating the best Hadouken poses**

* An overcast day is best for good lighting and the
photographer must stay perfectly still.
* Check out the anime and movies
for positioning suggestions.
* Try not to block your face while jumping or posing!
* Experiment by putting the camera angle behind
the shooter or the jumpers. You can also try
taking the photo from a low angle to make the
jumpers seem higher in the air.
* Try wearing costumes
* Mix it up with organised or chaotic shots
* Change your settings

If you like this app please leave a good review and share your photos to Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Pintrest
If you have feedback or any suggestions for new features you can leave a comment at – love to hear from you!

Oh last of all – have FUN!!!!!

Kathleen Koronui
PS Thank you team at TrivialApps ( – you guys ROCK!!

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Download Hadouken Photo Booth APK di Android, Instal Hadouken Photo Booth APK ponsel android gratis. Download Hadouken Photo Booth Format APK membuat instalasi sederhana dan setiap orang dapat menggunakannya. Menggunakan smartphone Android Anda menjadi setiap hari lebih menyenangkan dengan aplikasi untuk android disediakan oleh toko aplikasi Jauhkan sering diakses untuk men-download aplikasi lebih secara gratis lagi untuk ponsel Anda. Semua aplikasi yang gratis, mudah untuk menginstal dan menggunakan.

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