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“Penguins are birds? How come I can not fly?”
“What? Penguins are from Southern Hemisphere? I have never been there…..”
The little penguin’s little brain is full of questions marks while watching the tv show playing at the zoo keeper’s office. The little penguin made a big decision, he is going HOME! BUT, he can not make it without your help!
Please help the little penguin to go home.

game feature
• experience the colourful game advanture from the little penguin’s view!
• help the little penguin get home by achieving 3 flight elements: flight level + distance + time!
• enjoy the fun of flying within the 5 challenge worlds you are required to conquer!
• each fly can gain money, so you can gradually upgrade the little penguin’s flight equipment!

* Add medal challenge mode, and three Achievements, Challenges to get the gold medal it!

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Fajlajp Posts: 241 June 18
It´s a really good,polished game in my opinion. And it´s great fun!

by Nurlan Akylbekov – Version 1.1 – Jun 13, 2013
Very Interesting game! Fly fly fly fly. ……)

Brilliant! + Update tip
by T L G 456 – Version 1.2.3 – Jul 10, 2013
I love this game and if your reading this and you like this type of game its worth it as its a classic upgrade to win game and i love it! GET THIS GAME! Also developers can you please add a reset button to make this game even better and maybe a few more sections of upgrades like: – skateboard (to roll) – surface of ramp (ice is slippier) – even add different penguins in different places as more levels
review star 4/5

Fly!Penguin, addiction with a flying penguin!!!

Wow I love this type of games. Talk about addicting, and a flying penguin, I’m in for some hours of fun. Fly!Penguin is a very fun game where a homesick penguin is trying to get home. You start off with really basic parts. It is a gliding game, where after earning big bucks you can upgrade your glider. You also have some power ups, like raising your platform or your time with your boaster.

I really enjoyed the graphics in this game. Very smooth and detailed nicely. Your focus is more on getting your little guy in the air as long or as high as possible. It really just depends on what your objectives are with each level. It is good to see that the designers didn’t neglect it.

This game is pretty addicting. All you want to do is get enough bucks to get the bigger and better glider or booster. After you get all the gadgets to make one awesome machine, you find yourself trying to go further and further. Mechanics run great, didn’t find much wrong at all. I just wish I knew the sweet spots to get your gliding moving forward with positive speed versus freefalling. Overall, this is a very good game.

Clean Graphics
Great Mechanics

Can’t figure out when I’m falling or gliding
play guide
Initially a boring,
saving money buy boaster,
Then will begin to enjoy the fun of the game.

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2013 gameApe Action Game Awards finalists runoff election at taiwan!
2013 App Next application innovation contest finalists runoff election at taiwan!

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